Whisky pairings, successful matches

Whisky pairings, successful matches

Scotch whisky is a reflection of the Scottish “terroirs””, and so it is therefore natural to turn to some Scottish specialities to find the best whisky and food pairings. Try whisky with the famous haggis, a stuffed and seasoned ewe’s stomach, a real treat.

For a flavourful combination, you might also try Scottish salmon. Smoked fish and meats also provide aromas which are often reminiscent of whisky’s smoky notes.

Scotch whiskies which are distilled by the sea often have subtle salty flavours. These whiskies go perfectly with all seafood. You’ll discover a whole new side to king prawns, scallops and oysters thanks to whisky.

As it is rich in fruity, spicy or woody aromas, whisky is also recommended as an accompaniment to quality cheeses: Roquefort, Saint-Nectaire or Ossau-Iraty will all enhance Scotch whisky.

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