Barley, the main grain used in whisky

Barley, the main grain used in whisky

Of all the grains employed in whisky making, barley is the most often used.

These ears of barley, lovingly tended for centuries by generations of Scotsmen, also help to develop the  whisky’s aromatic palette.

These round grains, which smell slightly of straw, are carefully selected by people who are passionate about this Caledonian gold.

Not all types of barley are suitable for producing fine and powerful nectars. From the Highlands to the Lowlands, distilleries require barley which is rich in starch and generous in sugar at the time of fermentation.

As well as being the right variety, barley must also be of flawless quality. The grains must be carefully harvested and stored so that they can provide the very best from the malting to the distillation process.

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