Water, the mark of Scotch whisky

Water, the mark of Scotch whisky

Pure Scottish water is one of the secrets of Scotch whisky.This water is involved in all the stages of production of this typically Scottish drink.

Water is added to the barley to trigger germination during the malting process. It is then added to the ground malt during the mashing process.

This water is also key during the distillation process and in order to water down the golden nectar at the time of bottling.

The quality of whisky is largely dependent upon the unique character of this water. In the past, the proximity of pure spring water was a major criterion when a distillery was built.

The variety of Scottish water reflects the country’s rugged landscapes. Unfathomable lochs, wild rivers and crystal clear springs provide natural water full of minerals, peaty flavours or salty notes.

These natural flavours are then improved in barrels during the maturation process.

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