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Unique sensations...

Subtly peaty

In the heart of ancient Scotland, the sweet aroma of heady peat would fill the air as fires were lit and smoke would swirl from chimneys up into the night sky.

This nostalgic Scottish scent, intensely woody and smoldering, is at the very heart of Sir Edward's Smoky.

Peat Peat Peat

Peaty blended Scotch Whiskey

Traditionally found in Single Malt whiskies, peated notes add great depth and complexity to the spirit. By adding a peated expression to our already hugely popular blended Sir Edward's whisky, flavours are heightened and the experience is intensified.

Blended Blended Blended

Trade secrets

Sir Edward's Smoky
  • Peaty malt

    Enhancing the malt

    To make a peated whisky, the barley must first germinate and then slowly dry. It is during the first 10 hours of the drying process that the peat smoke is introduced, impregnating the barley with its aromatic bouquet. Fermentation, distillation and ageing then preserve these intoxicatingly seductive notes.

  • Aging in Scotland

    Aged to perfection

    Our whisky, born from this meeting of fire and earth, is then refined with careful ageing at our distillery in the heart of Speyside. Enjoying sweet slumber in oak barrels, the spirit develops a delicate amber colour and its seductively subtle peaty flavours slowly develop.

  • The blend

    Tasting notes

    Our rich blend has a smooth Speyside heart and an intensely satisfying peaty influence. On the nose, sweet vanilla penetrates zingy fruit followed by warming wafts of peaty smoke. On the palate, traditional sweet vanilla oak mingles with warming smoke from natural heady peat to create a gratifying depth of flavour. Robust yet never overpowering, this is a blend that delivers complexity and surprising length while still nurturing the celebrated subtleties of the classic Sir Edward's flavour.

How to enjoy it

The lightly peated flavour of Sir Edward’s Smoky can be appreciated straight up, on the rocks or, if you prefer, with a little water added. It's versatile too, and will also be a great addition to your favourite cocktails.

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