How to taste whisky?

How to taste whisky?

To taste a whisky like the Scottish, your senses need to be awakened. Sight, smell, and taste are all involved when discovering aromas.

First, take a look at the whisky. The glass, illuminated by the sun, allows its beautiful amber colour to shine through.

One you have admired it, smell the whisky. At room temperature, the spirit releases its lightly scented delicacy. A wondrous moment in time.

Then for the tasting. Once in the mouth, the whisky reacts on the palate. Is it smooth, light? This is where the flavours erupt inside your mouth.

To prolong these sensations, add some water – but only a drop! Other aromas and flavours may emerge.

Should I add an ice-cube? It’s all a question of taste. Ice reduces the temperature of the whisky, and may alleviate the impact of certain aromas. But for some people, a whisky “on the rocks” is a source of wonderful taste sensations.

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