The best times to taste whisky

The best times to taste whisky

As a characterful drink, whisky can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with a meal. You just need to have the right glass.

The bar glass without a stem, which is often seen in American films, isn’t necessarily the most commonly-used glass.

When tasting a Scotch whisky, a wine glass is recommended. Surprised? Its tulip shape actually concentrates the aromas, so that the taster can enjoy them fully.

A glass with a stem also means that your hands will not heat the liquid, so as to keep the whisky at room temperature and protect all of its nuances.

However, whisky is not only drunk neat. It is also an excellent base for cocktails.

James Bond’s famous tumbler glass is perfect for mixtures, from the classical combinations to more innovative ones.

These glasses allow whisky, mixers and ice to be added, before using the shaker.

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