Blending, the “blended scotch whisky”

Blending, the “blended scotch whisky”

Scotch whisky can be “single” or “blended“.

Blended means that it comes from the combination of at least one “malt whisky” and several “grain whiskies”.

A malt whisky is produced exclusively from malted barley.Grain whisky, however, is obtained by distilling unmalted grains. First developed in the 19th century, blending was widely adopted by the Scots.

Since then this technique has become an art, that of the master blender. Blessed with an extremely developed sense of smell, his or her work consists of checking that the blended whiskies are always of the highest quality.

The consistency of aromas must be guaranteed so that Sir Edward’s connoisseurs will enjoy the same passion, year after year.

A blended scotch whisky is a subtle balance. Vanilla and caramel flavours, smoky and woody hints, notes which emerge one after the other.

This mixture of aromas satisfies only one requirement: to produce harmony.

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