The Bardinet company

Europe’s leading rum company, Bardinet has developed through its capacity to respond to worldwide changes in the market and consumption patterns.

As well as Sir Edward’s whisky, Bardinet owns various brands of rum, cachaça, liqueur, cane syrup, aperitifs and wines.

This success has been no coincidence. It is down to expertise, state-of-the-art technology, resources and consistently high standards.

Bardinet has also developed certified methods and specifications which ensure absolute quality control at all stages of production, from the selection of raw materials to the final packaging.

Bardinet aims to adopt an innovative approach and be consistently creative. Bardinet is always ready to listen in order to meet customers’ needs.

The history

The history of the Bardinet Group began in 1857. Paul Bardinet, a young liqueur-maker from Limoges, took an interest in the sugar cane extract which had arrived in French harbours.

Paul Bardinet became a wine and spirits merchant, and worked on transforming this difficult liquid into a richly-flavoured nectar.

His passionate work resulted in an unrivalled rum and a brand which would soon make its way around the world. This rum, later known as NEGRITA, was born.

For Bardinet, it was time to leave Limoges to be as close as possible to the rum-carrying ships. This would later be the work of Édouard, Paul Bardinet’s son.

Near the docks of Bordeaux, he built large warehouses and little by little trained his master blenders.

Acknowledged for their rum-making expertise, the Maison Bardinet developed a wide range of new products.

Ready-made punches and cocktails and sugar cane syrups soon became popular with consumers.

This successful diversification was followed by other great triumphs, especially in the whisky market, with Sir Edward’s.

The Bardinet Group in figures

Since 1974 Bardinet has grouped together all of its activities at the Domaine de Fleurenne, in the heart of a beautiful 14-hectare property on the outskirts of Bordeaux.

The estate boasts ultra-modern production and bottling facilities, huge rum and brandy maturing cellars (the biggest rum cellars in Europe), and a research and testing laboratory, all of which meet all the quality requirements.

Today this complex features:

90,000 hl of storage facilities for spirits, including 30% barrels reserved for wood ageing, housed in 5 different cellars.
5 fully automated bottling lines with a maximum capacity of 14,000 bottles/hour, and an annual production of 50 million bottles.
12,000 m2 of warehouses.

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