The quality of the whisky

The quality of the whisky

Year after year, the Scots aim to produce a whisky of consistently high quality. Their honour is at stake here.

Strict checks are carried out at every stage in the production and maturation processes.

Every distillery has its own processes and expertise, controlled by various laws, including the Scotch Whisky Act of 1988.

To bear the name of a Scotch whisky, this characterful drink must be distilled on Scottish soil, using water and malted barley. This whisky must then be matured in oak barrels, on Scottish soil, for at least three years.

It is only at the end of this period that we can start referring to it as Scotch whisky. The colour, the aromas and the taste of Scotch whisky must also reflect the authorised ingredients.

Whilst the production of Scotch whisky is clearly regulated, it does however allow various nuances to come through. Distillation techniques, type of water supply, the genius loci and the employees’ expertise are all elements which refine its identity and seal Scotch whisky’s international reputation.

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