Water and nectar vapours

Water and nectar vapours

The purpose of the distillation process is to extract the alcohol from the fermented liquid.

Heated, the most volatile element is the first to evaporate. In a boiler, the liquid (known as fermented wort) is then brought to the boil.

The primary nectar vapours are passed into a condenser. These vapours are then cooled down so that they can be returned to liquid form.We call this liquid “low wines”. These “low wines” are distilled again to obtain the desired concentration. During this second distillation, the Scottish masters show their expertise: they separate this liquid into three “cuts”. Only the “middle cut” is reserved.

At the end of the distillation, the liquid obtained is a transparent spirit in which the emerging aromas come to light. It is ready to be slowly aged in barrels to become the whisky that we know and love, elegant and rich in flavour.

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