The mashing technique

The mashing technique

Mashing completes the transformation process from starch into sugar, which begins during the malting procedure.

The dried malt is ground to remove the straw-like film which covers the grain. Only the malt is kept and turned into flour. Here, we obtain what is known as malt flour.

This sort of coarse flour is then mixed with hot water in a large vat.

During the malting process, the barley secretes enzymes which allow sugar to be obtained. During the mashing process, the transformed sugars dissolve in the hot water. This sugary water, the wort, is pumped out through the perforated base of the vat.

The liquid is then pumped and its temperature is reduced, in order to be transferred to the fermentation vat.

All these perfectly-mastered techniques are the result of improvements made over past centuries.

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