These stones have been standing in Calanais, on the Isle of Lewis, for 5,000 years . Why were they aligned in this way? The answer has been lost in the mists of time. Today, we do not know if it was a way of connecting the living and the dead, or a kind of observatory to follow the course of the moon and the sun. Or even something completely different!

The men of the Stone Age have left us their monuments, but not the explanation that goes with them. Everyone is free to use their imagination. I was told that during solstices and equinoxesdruids can be seen around the stones of Calanais trying to revive the ancient religions of the Celts.

For my part, I walked around the 13 stones that form the circle, in the middle of which stands a monolith of nearly 5 meters. It’s interesting to think that around the same time in all of Western Europe, men also had the idea of ​​raising stones. Calanais remains a total mystery, but the place is really mesmerizing.

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