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A drink on the terrace at the Hootenanny

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There is not really a season in Scotland for a drink on a terrace. As soon as there is a ray of sunshine, the Hootenanny beer garden fills up.

To know if they should go out in a T-shirt, in a sweater or with a coat, the Scots have a thermometer different from the rest of the world. In Glasgow, in winter, I saw tourists with big scarves right next to a Scotsman in shorts. It is said that the cold is in the head.

Whether it’s 5 or 25 ° C, Glasgow residents can enjoy Billy’s Beer Garden. I must say that it is also one of my favorites. Beer Gardens are places outside pubs where you can sit and have a drink.

Billy’s Beer Garden is a tribute to Glasgow comedian Billy Connolly. The mural was made to celebrate the 75 years of the great man. In front of this impressive tribute, I want to say “Cheers Billy!”

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