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Arthur’s seat, the best place from where to contemplate Edinburgh

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Once at the top of the hill, you can admire Edinburgh city centre and the Firth of Forth, the Edinburgh Estuary.

From far away, it’s a hill. Up close, Arthur’s Seat looks like a little mountain, which rises up to 251 m. To get to the top, the slope is a bit steep. Good job I’m wearing walking shoes !

Once at the top, I was largely rewarded for my efforts. The view is superb. One can have fun spotting Edinburgh landmarks and watch the Forth River flowing into the sea.

Arthur’s seat is full of legends. The name “Arthur” refers to the mythical medieval king. “Seat” would mean he sat on this spot. Another legend says that King Arthur is asleep underground, ready to wake up if called for help. I tried, but I probably didn’t shout loud enough !

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