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In case a fish passes

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On the north coast of Scotland, bird lovers have something to feast their eyes on. This gull has chosen the spectacular Bow Fiddle Rock to spend the winter.

In Scotland, people love spending hours watching birds, so I do just like them ! There’s a lot of wildlife on the north coast of Scotland. At the Bow Fiddle Rock, my eyes are drawn to this little seagull.

On its rock, it looks very focused! It watches over the sea to see if by chance a fish will throw itself into its beak. It had been waiting for so long that at some point it began to yawn!

The gull is common on these cliffs. It is very recognizable with its thin beak, its grey back and black wings, white at the ends. I know other birds can also be seen in this area. With my binoculars, I still look at this elegant gull a little bit longer, before continuing to scan the rocks.

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