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In Glasgow, in the city of the future

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In Glasgow, the passageway from the Exhibition Center is amazing. I think it looks like the inside of a spaceship !

In Glasgow, it rains often. That’s why this passageway is very practical. From the subway, you can walk through to go from the exhibition halls to the “SSE Hydro“, a large concert hall on the banks of the Clyde River.

It feels like it never ends ! Once inside, you can walk a good 5 minutes without having to get wet. There, there is a ray of sunshine, but it will probably not last!

This sheltered passageway can be used by pedestrians and bicycles. In Scotland, people are very respectful toward traffic rules. Pedestrians cross over zebra crossings and bicycles do not ride on sidewalks.

I see two people who aren’t walking on the right side. They must be tourists. If a bike arrives, they will soon be told off !

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