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Ma Cameron’s, Aberdeen’s oldest pub

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This pub has been a landmark in Aberdeen’s life for 300 years. Its name comes from Amelia ‘Ma’ Cameron, who took over the establishment in 1937.

The city of Aberdeen is nicknamed ‘Granite City’, the city of granite. With its beautiful stones, the facade of the pub Ma Cameron’s is typical of Aberdeen. This sign “Food served all day” would tempt anyone to come in!

Inside, the heat comforts me. I take off my hat and sit in the cosy armchair next to the fireplace.

Everything here says Scottish tradition: smiling people, a cosy atmosphere and a cuisine that warms the heart. I choose smoked Scottish salmon, served on a slice of toasted brioche. A delight!

Ma Cameron’s is a great place to relax with a drink in hand before continuing to explore downtown Aberdeen.

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