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Nessie in the suitcase !

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The Loch Ness Monster: Legend or reality? In the village of Drumnadrochit, everyone has their own opinion.

No matter how much I tell myself there’s no Loch Ness monster, I’m still troubled when I look at the very dark waters of the Loch Ness. Did something move in the water over there? Someone tells me it’s the shadow of a cloud. Are you sure?

It’s been almost 100 years since the world has started looking for a sea monster in the Loch Ness, one of the longest and deepest lochs in Scotland. No definitive proof has been brought forward, but I like to keep this idea at the back of my head. Scotland is so surprising! So why not?

If it is not in the water, Nessie is still everywhere. At Drumnadrochit, everyone leaves with a small piece of legend. From the ruins of Urquhart Castle, it’s true that the Loch Ness has a sweet scent of mystery!

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