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Red beard and cup of tea

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A young man with a red beard? No doubt, in Inverness I’m almost with my family. Around a cup of tea of course!

In Scotland, whisky is the national drink, it’s indisputable, it’s the one we drink at parties to have a good time with friends.

But this Inverness coffee shop reminds me that tea time is also a sacred moment!

Here, the tradition is respected: one always drinks their tea with a cloud of milk. It’s a ritual that everyone follows, whether you’re a mature man or a big boy!
Moreover, in the hotel rooms of Scotland, there is always a kettle, tea and milk to make a good cup.

Tea is so important in British culture that it is almost magical. It is supposed to comfort, warm up, quench and solve all the problems! If you have a problem, it will probably sort itself with a good cup of tea.

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