The legend of the Kelpies in Falkirk

The legend of the Kelpies in Falkirk

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Looking at these 30 meters’ high metal sculptures, I think of all those stories that populate Scottish imagination.

The Kelpie is a legendary being well-known in Scotland. It looks like a horse to better attract its prey. It is said that the Kelpie haunts rivers and streams. It walks along the banks. And if someone jumps on its back, it takes them to the bottom of the water!

These two Kelpie heads were sculpted by Andy Scott. They are a tribute to Scotland’s industrial past. They recall the time when horses pulled barges along the canals.

I enjoyed stopping to contemplate these sculptures. They are powerful and moving. With a guide, you can discover their history and visit them. They are a meeting point between the present, the past and the Scottish imagination.

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