The Saltire and the rampant lion

The Saltire and the rampant lion

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Scotland has two flags, one is official and the other unofficial.
A rugby match against England is the perfect opportunity to brandish them !

In Glasgow pubs, rugby is a serious matter. Especially when playing at Murrayfield (Edinburgh) against England. The atmosphere is frankly chilled. People laugh, sing, and as soon as Scotland score a try, they scream with joy (well, not always)!

In the pub, I could see the two flags of Scotland. The blue and white one is the official flag, it is called the Saltire, because of the white cross. The second one is yellow and red and represents a lion. It is known as the rampant lion. It is the personal flag of the King or Queen of Scotland.

Carried away by the atmosphere, I also encouraged Scottish rugby players. We were right to get excited, the Scotland 15 won considerably against the English. Enough to predict a very long night!

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