All the flavours of Scotland in whisky

All the flavours of Scotland in whisky

Scotch whisky does not unveil all of its treasures in one go. Like Scotland, you must become acquainted with it over time.

What does it smell like? Is it as sharp as the winter season in the Cairngorms or is it refreshing like the sea spray in the Port of Aberdeen?

On the palate, the flavours of Scotch whisky echo the land where it all began. Whether the grains of the Spey Valley, the heather on the Isle of Mull or the smoked fish of the Lochs, these wild lands are an integral part of the whisky of Scotland.

The passage of time takes the flavour of Scotch whisky on another journey. Coconut, ginger or cinnamon will complement the rich array of aromas.

Neat or accompanied by a single drop of water, Sir Edward’s will reveal flavours of caramel and vanilla, along with woody notes. On the palate, the whisky of Scotland brims over with aromas.

Sir Edward's

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