Introduction to Scotch whisky

Introduction to Scotch whisky

The heir to a long tradition, Scotch whisky is deeply rooted into the past. Universal and modern, this nectar full of rich aromas appeals to people all over the world.

Whether it be from the Spey valley or blended on the shores of the Highlands, whisky reflects the majesty of the landscapes it came from.

With peaty, smoky or herbaceous notes, this symbol of this land on the edge of the world will delight your senses and surprise you with its character. Like the people of Scotland, it is gentle and generous.

From carefully selected barley, whisky is produced by expert hands that know the secret to a perfect blend.

Matured slowly on this land swept by the winds from the North Sea, whisky reveals an infinite range of aromas. Golden or amber in colour, whisky is a treasure in which the mild Scottish sun is reflected.

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