Sir Eward's root

Sir Edward’s origins

Welcome to a unique and intense whisky experience that is conveyed in the pure Scottish tradition

We know good whisky. And we know good value. Sir Edward’s is a glorious golden spirit that combines both.

Carefully distilled, blended and matured in time-honoured tradition, it’s created using techniques honed over centuries in the heart of Scotland, passed down from generation to generation.

The heart and soul of everything we’ve learned from our ancestors is poured into each perfect dram.

Only the finest grain and malt whiskies go into Sir Edward’s – each one meticulously selected by our master craftsmen. Blended to achieve the perfect marriage of flavours then aged in oak barrels, the resulting spirit is wonderfully rich and full-flavoured with subtle notes of wood and malt.

Unmistakably Scottish, unashamedly proud and unquestionably great value, Sir Edward’s offers a true taste of our homeland.

Scotch whisky - Whisky écossais

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