Whisky production areas in Scotland

Whisky production areas in Scotland

Like the terroirs of France, there are many types of Scottish soil. In the south, the Lowlands produce single malt whiskies renowned for being smooth and light.

In the north, the hills of the Highlands are breathtakingly beautiful. These austere landscapes produce a wide variety of whiskies.

In the North-West, the spirits are rounded and dry with peaty notes.

To the north of the Highlands, a spicy character and a hint of heather can be found on the nose and palate, whilst the North-East produces fruitier whiskies.

The North-East of Scotland, Speyside, is the largest whisky producing region in the country. The single malt whiskies are recognised for their elegance and their aromatic complexity, often complemented by smoky notes.

Western Scotland, which has been known to experience all types of weather conditions in the same day, has two production regions. Campbeltown distils lightly peaty or smoky single malt whiskies. Finally, the whiskies from the Isle of Islay carry flavours of peat battered by the wind full of sea spray.

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