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Lossiemouth, pending fishing

GPS 57.7238897, -3.280335
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Lossiemouth is nicknamed "the jewel of the Moray Estuary". And the charm of its old port plays a part in the name !

When you arrive in Lossiemouth, you are greeted by dunes and two beautiful sandy beaches, and whereas the neighbouring Spey Bay is pebbly, the beach makes you want to walk on it. That is what I do while it’s already late in the day.

In the summer, Lossiemouth is a popular seaside resort. You can play golf, observe dolphins, sail or surf.

At the end of the beach, the old port of Lossiemouth is still active. The fishermen’s traps are stacked up, waiting for someone to come pick them up.

The colours of the sky navigate between blue and pink. The sea is calm, all the boats are back. Some will probably leave tomorrow early. A few minutes later, the sun will set. Then, the white lamppost lights up, it watches over the port of Lossiemouth!

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  • Temperature 18°C
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