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The raptor of Spey Bay

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Spey Bay is where the famous Spey River flows into the sea. Before arriving there, all this pure water is used to feed many distilleries.

It’s a bronze statue of an osprey catching a salmon, which watches over Spey Bay. It must be said that the Scottish nature is particularly generous with the Spey estuary. I saw hundreds of birds and in good weather, we can also see seals and even dolphins.

In fact, the Scottish Dolphin Centre is located next door and organises walks to observe dolphins and wild animals. I’d like to go there.

Spey River is also known around the world for its salmon and trout. From February to September, there are fishermen on the banks of the river. I took my fishing license too. You can buy one for the day.

Fishing is an ancestral tradition. Spey Bay is home to a 19th century cold room, the Tugnet Ice House. It is a very low stone warehouse and covered with turf. This is where the salmon caught in the Spey were stored, before being shipped to the cities.”

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