The fermentation is when yeast transforms the sugars. During the mashing, the sugary water reaches over 60°C.

The temperature of this liquid, known as wort, must therefore be reduced. Brought down to around 20 °C, the environment is now perfect for the yeast to be added.

The yeast is added into these large fermentation vats, which can hold several tens of thousands of litres of wort.

For around 48 hours, thanks to the yeast, the sugars are gradually converted into raw nectar. The result is a liquid known as fermented wort. At this stage, the liquid resembles a strong ale.

Once the fermentation has finished, the fermented wort is transferred to the distillation room.

The scotch whisky-making process is not yet finished. Distillation will give it its particular character, one which is absolutely unique.

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