At Carrbridge, we know how to handle the chainsaw !

At Carrbridge, we know how to handle the chainsaw !

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Every year, the village of Carrbridge organises a woodcarving competition. The only tool allowed is … a chainsaw !

The principle of “Carve Carrbridge” is simple: faced with a trunk, you have 4 hours to cut through it with the chainsaw and make a sculpture as fine as possible. And the results are amazing!

Some carve cowboys, others bears, dragons or knights. The competitors come from all over the world and the winner has the right to brandish a sword worthy of King Arthur ! Thousands of visitors attend the event.

At the entrance to the village of Carrbridge, in memory of the competition, you pass by, all year round, a wooden troll with a particularly expressive face. He kindly greeted me with his helmet and his big moustache.

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