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Loch Morlich has frozen over

GPS 57.1667781, -3.7159347222222223
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Loch Morlich is one of the most fascinating lochs in the Cairngorms Mountains, in the heart of Scotland.

Loch Morlich is a great place for kayaking and water sports in the summer, there is even a water sports centre, and in the winter, the waters of the loch look like a broken mirror !

In the centre of the loch before me, the waters continue to flow. No chance of seeing them freeze. But all around the loch, stagnant water is trapped in the cold. As a result, the current in the centre of Loch Morlich stirs the ice without stopping and breaks it into a thousand pieces.

I stop by Loch Morlich as the sun goes down. Now the sky is blue but the dark clouds announce that the weather will soon turn. Rain, snow, hail, sun: as the Scots say, if you do not like the weather, wait 30 minutes!

Incredible lights remain, reflected in the ice. For the night, I go back to Aviemore, a true base camp for hikers in the northern Cairngorms.

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